Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Not funny, Halloween. Not funny!

Yesterday, what should have been my favorite day of the year, was instead.....quite a day. It would literally be a comical farce to someone who isn't me, to whom these events didn't happen. But they happened to me, so I don't personally find them all that funny.

I actually thought I was going to have a good day when I woke up on time, not overly groggy, and eager to get ready for work. Then? I burned one of my eyes REALLY REALLY REALLY bad. Shampoo got in it. I've gotten shampoo in my eyes before, but I don't remember it ever burning quite that bad. (In case you were wondering, that's so bad I yelped and whined loudly enough to make the dogs bark and come running to check on me.) I had to jump out of the shower to flush the eye before I could even finish the shower. Geez.

It was hours before the burning sensation in my eye went away, and even for hours after that, it still felt burned, scraped, and bruised.

I finished getting ready and headed to work when I noticed I needed gas. I pulled into the convenience store I always use because it's got the cheapest gas in town. I slid my debit through, and pumped gas. And pumped. And pumped. And pumped, because the damned handle was stuck and wouldn't stop pumping! I began frantically hitting the call button on the pump to no avail, and then began waving my arms to try to get the attention of the cashier to shut the pump off from inside - also to no avail.

I know that the pump should automatically shut off once your car has all the gas it will hold, but since this one was obviously malfunctioning, I didn't know if it would shut off like it was supposed to and I could just envision gas either rolling out of the gas tank and down the sides of my car and/or spraying wildly, all while being steadily deducted from my checking account. Instead of the $15 in gas I meant to get, I ended up with nearly $36 after finally getting the Pepsi vendor to come to my rescue. For the record, even he had trouble getting the handle unstuck. All I know is those folks better be damned glad there was enough money in my checking account to cover that gas. If not, they'd have been paying my overdraft fees!

yoga after climbingAnd that was just the beginning of the day. Add in retail + Halloween and you get a busy, busy day. Then add to that many people being bitchier than usual and you've got yourself .... a day.

Here's to hoping today is better!

I got a good night's sleep last night, woke up early, got a good breakfast, and now I think I'll start the day off with a bit of meditation and exercise. Today is my last shift before having three glorious days off in which to get caught up on my housework, bills, grocery shopping and car maintenance, and I refuse to spend it as stressed out as I was yesterday!

Image source: found at Lululemon Athletica's Flickr photo stream and issued under Creative Commons license.