Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I've been waiting for a long time

to gush about coconut oil, so today is the day I will do that via coffee chat!

(Photograph © Keira-Anne via Flickr's Creative Commons)

How do I love coconut oil? Let me count the ways!

  • Health: heart-healthy, lowers cholesterol, boosts metabolism, fights infection, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, oil pulling for oral health, diminishes pain and appearance of spider veins, helps alleviate itching and heal insect bites, restores moisture to dry, chafed, chapped skin and lips
  • Cooking/baking: dairy-free butter substitute, as an ingredient in power snacks, and COFFEE CREAMER!
  • Skin Care/cosmetic: all-purpose makeup/eye makeup remover, moisturizer, ingredient in homemade lotion bars, homemade deodorant, homemade body butters and scrubs, in homemade sunscreen, homemade lip glosses/chapstick, etc., heals dry, cracked, calloused feet and heels

There's really so, so, so much you can do with it and I recommend checking out Wellness Mama's entire Uses for Coconut Oil post. It's very informative, and I love learning so much about natural and holistic alternatives for everyday items. I have already used it as a moisturizer on just about every part of my body, as a lip emollient, in a body scrub, as a mouthwash (oil pull) - I know it sounds CRAZY, but it will leave your mouth feeling so fresh and clean! - and also helps break down and prohibit tartar/plaque.

For a fun and decadent homemade pick-me-up, head over to The Glitter and Glam and try her homemade Honey Coconut Oil Mask. It will definitely make your skin feel amazing!

Coconut oil is relatively inexpensive, too, for all its uses. I was able to buy a 16 oz. jar of the Earth Fare brand organic extra virgin coconut oil for $9.99. If it's only one beauty and holistic item that I think every household needs, it's coconut oil.


  1. Great info! I am thinking about getting some coconut oil for some of the same reasons you mentioned. We have a Trader Joe's in the area, so I may check this out.

    1. Oh, good! Let me know how you like cooking/baking/beautifying with it when you get a chance!

  2. I am SOO with you on this one! Love it. I love anything coconut actually. I have candles, bubble bath, coffee, chocolate, actually coconut in my fridge, and yes we cook often with coconut oil.
    I told hubby I would totally be okay being stranded on a tropical island that only had coconuts.
    And mango. because that's like the chocolate to the peanut butter. (rum optional I suppose - ha)
    I'm gonna go check out that honey coconut oil mask!

    1. I love just about anything coconut, too......but no mango for me. I'd rather have chocolate as the chocolate, haha! I'm about to start substituting one or more meals/snacks a day with a protein shake.....I might just make a chocolate coconut one!

  3. I've heard lots of people cooking with coconut oil lately! I'll have to try it! :)

    1. Me, too! I haven't actually cooked with it yet, but should now that I have some. I do know that it feels absolutely luxurious on the skin and lips!

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