Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Yay for schedule changes and sleeping in!

Because that means I can enjoy a cup of coffee and get caught up on my favorite morning rituals (which are no longer rituals because I'm usually gone to work by this time) without rush and worry. Today's concoction is black silk with a packet of stevia and a bit of coconut oil since I'm trying to go healthier and all, served up in my cute pink "K" (my first initial) cup given to my by my aunt. It's delicious!

And how are you this morning? Or afternoon/evening, or whenever you're reading? I truly hope you're doing well. Today's Coffee Chat really has me thinking. The question for the week is "What is the one question you would ask everyone you meet?" I'm a huge believer in the power of words, and everyone likes to feel important, or at least acknowledged. So for me, it's just a very simple "How are you?" It has to be genuinely asked, though. (My job has taught me that people will say they're feeling awful just to make sure you're paying attention to them, and you had better be listening....you don't want to say something like "glad to hear that" when they've told you they feel terrible!)

Aside from that? I'm not sure. There isn't much else you can ask without getting too personal, and one thing people value more than feeling noticed/acknowledged/important is their privacy. What do YOU want to ask every person you meet?

Song for today: "Lights" by Journey. The first Journey song I ever heard (or maybe it was "Wheel in the Sky"), and I've loved it ever since. I was a little girl when this came out, and hearing it always takes me back to a less complex time. Lyrically speaking, it has nothing to do with the uncomplicated days of childhood, but that's always where my mind goes. (Not to mention, it has one of my favorite guitar solos!) I've been listening to it a lot lately since I've been pondering some new major, life-altering decisions lately and have needed the peace of mind that sometimes only comes in the form of hearing a good tune.

Journey: "Lights"


  1. You hit the nail on the head - It is not the actual question that is asked - it is LISTENING to the answer.

  2. Journey is my favorite band. (I grew up in the 80s).
    I always ask folk "how are you", except my husbands grandmother. Her reply is a shocker, "oh I wish I were dead". What do you say to THAT!

  3. Ahhhh - such a good song! I may have broke the sound barrier playing it. ha.

    And agreed - it's the sincerity behind what you ask that can make all the difference. And people can tell when you are being authentic in the asking; for the most part I think. So if you tend to always get "fine" as a response and then silence: you may want to consider how you are asking. Are you just throwing away the question as a matter of rote? Or are you really wanting to listen to the other person's response.

  4. That's the magic of music! You're right - the lead guitar in this song is amazing!

    On the newby front. I sometimes find myself asking how long they've known each other if it involves a mutual friend but apart from that it is another How Are You job.


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