Thursday, January 8, 2015

January Mix Tape Shuffle: Musical Resolutions

Well...I thought I had only intentions for the new year and not resolutions. But I was wrong. As it turns out, I have quite a few musical resolutions. Let me let my playlist do my talking for me:

Yes - I've Seen All Good People
This is the year where I have to make lots of life-changing choices. The "Your Move" part of this song seems fitting. The right move will mean a better start on all fronts, but one wrong move could spell disaster. Wish me luck!

Led Zeppelin - Good Times, Bad Times

At one point in time, my Facebook cover photo boasted "Music is my boyfriend." Funny thing is, I was only half kidding. Music has been the ONE AND ONLY thing throughout my life that has non-judgmentally gotten me through happy times, sad times, angry times, prosperous times, lean times, good times, bad times. You get the picture. Yes, family and friends are wonderful and I would never make it through those same times without them, BUT family and friends are not always privy to the anxiety-induced worry and drivel that goes on in my head, or the throes of every emotional turmoil I find myself in, nor my silliest daydreams, etc. Music and the artists who create it definitely are, though. Of course I aspire to have more good times than bad times, but I will have my music to lean on, regardless.

Weezer - Say It Ain't So

So....back in August of 2013 my awesome music-loving friend and soul sister, Spank, and I launched a pretty cool little website for women to review concerts. In 2011, I was attending a show every other month. In 2012 I only made it out to a festival, but I felt certain that 2013 was going to be my year. Unfortunately, I didn't do much better then or this past year, and the site remained pretty silent since all the others who had originally been on board to contribute backed out.

We are unable to let the site completely die though, so here's my link and my plug and attempt to pump some more life back into it. It's still just Spank and I, but we are definitely open to adding other regular and not-so-regular contributors. Hell, we are not-so-regular contributors. But I have made it my mission this year to post more, and the site will now include basically anything music-related. There will still be concert reviews when we can manage, but also news, music-related book reviews, record reviews, and everything from fun/funny posts to a recap of the dream I had about Jack White the other night. Okay, maybe not that. But yes...please visit us. Please consider joining us.

Weezer is here because Weezer was the first concert we saw together. October of 2010, so obviously not when this song first came out. But it's one of my favorites by them, so there ya go.

Foo Fighters - Something From Nothing
And on that note, I vow to attend more shows this year. Definitely on the agenda? Foo Fighters.

New Politics - Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens)
I look forward to buying lots of new music this year - both from favorites and new/new-to-me bands. Here's a repeat from Music Monday, and a new one by a favorite band. For the love of all that is good, go see this band if you get a chance! They are so awesome!

Rage Against The Machine - Renegades of Funk
(Note: this is NOT the version I'm used to, but it was all I could find. Enjoy anyhow!)

My love-hate relationship with fitness began anew this year. It is amazing what the right music does to get me motivated to work out, though. This one never fails to get me pumped and moving!

Van Halen - Dance the Night Away
Sometimes I forget about the small things that make me smile, like dancing like no one is watching (preferably while no one is watching). Since I didn't date or otherwise get out much in high school, I spent many of my nights doing just this in the privacy of my bedroom for hours at a time. And I am now convinced that played a huge part in keeping me in shape!

Mix Tape Shuffle January by This Belle Rocks on Grooveshark

What are YOUR musical resolutions this year?

For the playlist you can play along with, be sure to visit Mari, Marisa, Katie, and Maria - and even submit your own!


  1. Ooh, I love your list Kim! I am digging New Politics over here, too. And Dance The Night Away is such an awesome forgotten little VH gem. Love it all!

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Mari! I plan on stealing your 'get motivated' playlist :)

      I love that VH song. It always brings a smile to my face.

  2. Yes! I love your playlist. Weezer's "Say It Ain't So" is such a good song.

    1. It really is. I love Weezer. Especially old Weezer.

  3. When photography became a new hobby that I really really loved - music kinda took a backstep last year. I didn't explore new bands - or the old blues and jazz I love - as much. So this year, I resolve to find a way to make time for ALL my passions: writing, photography and music. Sometimes the focus will be more on one than the other, but honestly, my life is just dull like dust when I don't have all 3.
    that's probably a terrible thing for a mother to say!! Yikes. but you need passions!! And I hope my kids discover something in life they feel the same way about.

    1. Yes, you definitely need passions. They're what keep us sane! I hope I am able to delve more into mine as the year progresses. Seems like the curve balls always keep me one step forward, two steps back....and a hobby/project/dream/plan of mine gets put on indefinite hold because of it. But I guess the key is to keep moving?

  4. I love them all. And I thought I'd commented a long time ago but I think it must have been a sleepless baby induced haze. And Say it Ain't So is the song of my youth.

    1. No worries, Kathryn! I remember those sleepless baby-induced hazes quite well!


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