Monday, March 23, 2015

Road Trip Random #MusicMonday + BotB Winner for 3.21.15

As is my usual custom here of late, I am off to a bit of a late start on Music Monday, and certainly off to a late start on announcing a winner for the Battle of the Bands for 3.15.15. But I just got back from a quick trip back home to visit the folks and hopefully start getting a feel for my future home (more on that another time), and prior to that worked seven days in a row, the last two of which were doubles. I am beginning to think my schedule may always be something like this, but I'm not going to complain. I need every cent I can earn from my job! So first up will be the BotB winner...

As for me and my vote, I ultimately preferred Grateful Dead's laid-back, jam band version of Iko Iko to Dr. John's jazz, but ONLY by a slight margin. Unfortunately, my vote wasn't enough to even tie my favorite with the other contender, so Dr. John won by a wider margin of 4-6 including my vote. Don't forget to come back for another Battle of the Bands on April 1!

Moving on to today's Music might have already guessed, but this is just some random music heard during the drive over and back...some of it on my iPhone set to random, and some of it from radio. This should go without saying, but no need to listen to them all unless you just want to and have the time to do so. But if something new intrigues you, by all means go for it!

Van Halen - "Ice Cream Man"

Shinedown - "Unity"

Slipknot - "Custer" (Warning: Language)

Thirty Seconds To Mars - "R-Evolve"

Sublime - "Caress Me Down"

For more Music Monday, be sure to join the 'hop at Dolly's and check out the other bloggers participating. Have a great week!


  1. Road trip music is the best! A few summer's ago, I did a cross-country road trip with two friends and we had a road music playlist and summer song playlist we kept alternating between and adding to as we trekked from Texas to Wisconsin and back. Just one of the many things I love about road trips!

    1. I agree....good music makes for the best road trip, and best memories :) This one wasn't very long, but enjoyable nonetheless!

  2. Oh Kim... these two I really liked.
    Van Halen- I'm eating an ice cream sandwich as this plays.
    Shinedown - a favorite to drive by.
    BOTB - I'm surprised Dr. John won... okay
    Oh...Sublime - "Caress Me Down"... love the reggae; words - not so much!!
    Glad you made it home and back... rest sometime... see you later, Belle.

    1. Rest is for losers! LOL, I will be begging for it by Thursday, because tomorrow it's back to work for a regular shift, then a double Wednesday, then four more days of regulars. I'm getting exhausted just thinking about it, but there is so much to be done on days off that I've got to try to get caught up on that stuff, too. Why, again, can't I be independently wealthy?

  3. I picked Dr. John in your last edition BoTB. Yay, me! :D I was surprised that I liked all of your heavy metal picks this morning, with the exception of Slipknot. I especially liked Shinedown "Unity". Of course, I haven't heard of them before. Have you featured them before? I do remember Slipknot from past posts and I'm not all that sure about Sublime. give me nibble of something new making my music education a little more rounder. Thanks for the dance and have a Montastical day!

    1. Glad to help broaden your musical horizons a tiny bit! Some will stick; some will miss, right?

  4. KIM ~
    Looks like I picked the BOTB winner without even getting to hear either contestant. Just call me "S.T. McPsychic".

    Thankfully, now that I have Internet service in my home again, I will get to submit an authentic, fully-informed vote in your next BOTB blog bit.

    I have never been totally sure which 'Ice Cream Man' I like best. The one by Van Halen or 'ICE CREAM MAN' by Tom Waits. I guess I go for Waits a shade more, although they are different songs and both are "cool".

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Yes, you did! I know you are glad to have internet in your home again. It's a sometimes tough adjustment to go without!

      I never even knew there was another version of Ice Cream Man - learn something new every day!

  5. I enjoyed all your choices especially Van Halen :-)

    Have a metaltastic week :-)

  6. Of course I like Van Halen! I am not that much into metal but recognize all the bands just not the songs.

    I will be doing some traveling real soon. It is sometimes the best!

  7. Love some metal and great choices. Thanks.

  8. I have a weird disc of road trip music., I should probably update it.
    Thanks for sharing all these that I don't know :)
    Love the music hop!

    And I'm glad you are making the money you need, despite the long working schedules.

  9. Better late than never right? Wow, fabulous picks and to think I almost missed these. Been underweather so sorry I'm so late, but I'm here rockin' with ya anyways! hehehe ROCK ON GIRLFRIEND!


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