Sunday, April 19, 2015

#Music#Monday and a little game of catch-up

What all has transpired since I last chatted with my Music Monday friends?

Well, on my end, it's been a good week for thrifting. I managed to come across a part of my own thrifting/home/design/decor holy grail just a little over a week ago, and revealed it in a blog post here (in case you missed it - but be forewarned, I'm so in love with this piece I'll probably be sharing this post for a while yet). I also picked up some really, REALLY cool retro items for the still-not-yet-up-and-running Etsy store. I'm still trying to do inventory on all the items I'm listing because I have literally YEARS' worth of vintage dishes & such that I'll be listing. But what I'm really waiting on is a day with decent natural light so I can get some hopefully decent photos.

And oh! the storms. We haven't been hit like Texas (thank goodness!), but we've had a few bouts of severe weather here and it's rained every day for several weeks. I do love the rain - and the storms - but my lawn is way overgrown, and since I've not had a day off when it HASN'T been raining, my yard is now that yard....the shame of the block. But what can I do?

The music world sadly lost another legendary talent on Tuesday when Percy Sledge passed away. For #MusicMonday, here is Percy Sledge with one of his best-known songs, "When A Man Loves A Woman".

Also, new music from Muse, "Psycho"

For more #MusicMonday, head to Dolly's to see what everyone else is listening to.

What music are YOU listening to this week?


  1. I LOVE that electric fireplace thingy you got for a steal! Can't wait to see it installed in your house! Well, I suppose I have to wait, but you know. ;)

    I hadn't heard that Percy had passed - so sad. I've always loved that song!!

    The Muse are new to me - great beat! :)

    Have a great week - now you've got me jonesin' to go thriftin'... :)

    Dear Future Husband i wanna Run Away With You Into The Woods on a Little Red Wagon with my Girl Crush

  2. Great choices and nice tribute to Percy Sledge.

  3. Nice choices and perfect tribute to Percy Sledge :-)

    Have a springtastic week :-)

  4. Hi, Kim! It made me sad to learn of Percy Sledge's passing. His signature song, the powerful soul ballad "When a Man Loves a Woman," ranks at #29 on my list of the 200 Greatest Hits of the Shady Dell and was one of the most popular slow dance records of the mid 60s at that notorious juke joint for teenagers. I have a 3-part series coming up in June that revolves around a photo of Percy Sledge. I invite you to swing by and check it out.

    Have a great week ahead, dear Kim!

  5. I had not heard the news that Percy Sledge passed. Oh, I just love When a Man Loves a Woman! Another great legend slips through the pearly gates! Great to dance with you. I'm gonna hop over to read about your great finds.

  6. Girl, yes I heard about the man of soul has passed. Very sad. RIP but he left behind so many wonderful songs and you posted one of my favorites. I didn't hear the last one before, but yes, you have rocked the house! Thanks for playin' along my friend. YOU ROCK!

  7. What a contrast in songs. Love it!

  8. Awe. I hadn't heard about Percy Sledge. I had heard the new tune from Muse. Quite a contrast there.

  9. That is so cool that you have an Etsy store of vintage stuff to put up. I hope you do get some awesome lighting.

    And I had no idea that Percy died. Oh I do like this song because of his voice.

    Thanks for sharing and rocking with us.
    Have a great week!


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