Thursday, April 9, 2015

#ThriftScoreThursday, brought to you by the color orange.

My orange obsession and my thrifting obsession have collided. And let me tell you, it is fabulous! But I won't be unloading all my awesome orange in just one post; instead, I'll be breaking it down over time. That way, if there's ever a dud week at the thrift stores, I'll have something to fall back on. that cheating? I hope not, because a thrifted deal is a thrifted deal, no matter when you scored it. Right?

So here lately, I've been all about orange. It just makes me happy! And when I saw this little guy for only $2.99, I HAD to have him.

He's orange, and I just love the scene painted on him! And he's an owl, which is pretty awesome, too. I have a small collection of owls - jewelry, a candle, a wax melt warmer, and now this - though I don't collect them intentionally. He is my first owl that doesn't serve a purpose other than to look pretty:

And I didn't notice until I was cleaning him up that he hails from Cozumel, a place I long to visit someday.

Thrifting has been really good to me lately. I've picked up a lot of amazing things for my home as well as some really cool vintage stuff to go in my soon-to-be-live Etsy Shoppe! Well, it'll seem soon to me, but it may still be a while for most folks. I seem to be operating on an entirely different plane of existence than everyone else, and I'm not sure why. Time just really does get away from me. Probably because I spend so much of it in thrift stores!

What amazing thrift finds have you come across recently? I'd love to read all about them!

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Now, for my unfortunate news...womp...womp...womp...

The Mix Tape Shuffle has gone on hiatus, so there won't be any more of those for a while. I, however, plan to keep the party going by posting random shuffles about once a month until the MTS gets back up and rolling with themes again.

And now it's off to bed for me. After a double shift, then a refreshing Oculto after work, I am ready to kick back and try to watch an episode of Scandal before passing out. Have a great Thursday!


  1. Mr.Owlie is tre unique. And a bargain to boot! I'll get back to you on those thrift finds soon as hubby stops hanging about the computer!

    1. Awesome! Thanks for stopping by, Helena! I will return the visit once I'm home for work and errands :)

  2. I wonder... I have a horse from that same location. Maybe even the same artist- similar style.

    1. Well, this one has "D. Vargas" on the bottom; I just didn't include that photo with this post. Does yours have an artist signature or manufacturer stamp of some sort? I need to see your horse!

  3. Oh he's so cute!! love it - so unique too. I love touring through our local antique stores -- we only have about 3 in this small area, so I don't have a great selection. But I still love looking!
    I get comics for my son these days.


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