Tuesday, October 4, 2011

27 days till Halloween!

I know I've slacked really bad, and I'm actually posting this a day late. Let's blame it on work and exhaustion (and totally not on last night's episodes of Ringer and Parenthood!). Unfortunately, I've never seen 28 Days Later, so I can't be clever and include that as today's movie. I know, I know. What is wrong with me, huh?

Instead, you get Rosemary's Baby. This is one of those older movies that I didn't really appreciate until I got older. As a young adult, I could relate to Rosemary's escalating paranoia so much more than I ever could as a teenager, and I'm still especially partial to movies that can grab you and scare you without violence and gore. Don't get me wrong, violence and gore have their place and I enjoy splatterfests quite a bit, too. But I always find myself much more able to get into movies with a specific plotline that manages to instill fear and dread without having to rely too heavily on special effects to get the job done.

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