Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another Friday night has come and gone

Which means that I have missed yet another episode of A Gifted Man. CBS, you kill me. You really, really do!

First, CBS puts this show on Friday nights. I am definitely gone every other Friday night while it's on (the premiere and now episode 3). I was here last Friday, but not at the time the show was on. I no longer have a way to record it. And to top it all off, CBS's website is a HORRIBLE way to try to get caught up. When I watched the series premiere online, it was broken down into 1.5 and 2 minute segments. The player repeated some of them, and generally skipped around. So I'm honestly not even sure if I saw it all! Now I have no choice but to try to view the latest episodes online as well.

Doesn't CBS know how much I adore Patrick Wilson and need to be able to watch this series???

Image source: Google image search, which led to B-Side Blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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