Saturday, October 8, 2011

23 days till Halloween!

One of the first horror films I can recall seeing once my Dad got premium channels on cable was It's Alive. It's a movie about a super-strong monstrous baby born severely deformed because of fertility drugs the mother had been given. But I was simply intrigued by the baby itself. HBO or The Star Channel or whatever we had back then would show trailers in between movies. I don't recall ever seeing the baby in the trailer, but it was scary enough just to hear a heartbeat getting steadily faster as the camera panned around a bassinet that you expected something to jump out of at any moment!

I've since hit YouTube to watch other trailers, and they are all as cheesy as can be so I suppose the movie probably was, too. It couldn't have been that bad, with it's PG rating - and I NEVER saw it available for rent anywhere in later years. I'd like to see it again. And I may even try to hunt the remake down one of these days, as the synopsis sounds a bit different than the original.

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