Saturday, October 1, 2011

My new digs

So, a recent development on the home front prompted me to finally let my hosting go when it runs out later this year. I will probably let the domain go as well, but I'll wait and see on that one. This means that my self-hosted wordpress blog will soon be no more, so I came over here to set up a new place to call home on the web.

What do you think? I like it thus far. A lot of new and handy-dandy features have been added to Blogger's functionality since I left a few years ago. Unfortunately, a much needed comment system overhaul was not one of those changes, but the default comments are still a lot better than what they were.

I opted to go with Disqus for comments, since I already had a Disqus account and thought they would provide everything I needed. However, they apparently changed their templates to no longer include a url field for someone leaving a comment, and most people do not want to have to register for a service just to leave a comment that will link them to their website for a return visit.

I finally looked into Intense Debate more closely, and I think it's going to work for me over here. I love that registration isn't necessary to leave a url with comment, that there are several different commenting options, including social networking sites. And I love, love, love that you can add plugins to it! In fact, I added one of my favorite WP plugins, CommentLuv, to it. Now, that plugin did make the comment form a bit wonky, and I don't really like that there is nothing I can do about it at the moment because I can not see the code to try to reconfigure it. But still, it's not too confusing.

Other than that, just about the only thing I *don't* like about it is that the name field limits you to 20 characters. But then again, I guess I have to remember that not everyone has a name as long as some of mine have been! And I look forward to customizing it a bit more.

I obviously have more settling in to do, and some kinks to work out. But I'm liking the design, and I'm going to post over here regularly from here on out. I'll still be at my .net for a while yet, and I may eventually try to retro-post some of my favorite entries from that blog over here before it disappears for good.

And for today, and today ONLY!!! (unless I need to again on another day), I am turning back the hands of time so that I can have this entry posted yesterday like I had intended before I ran out of steam, and also get the first in my "31 Days till Halloween" countdown series posted.


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