Monday, June 25, 2012

Update from the road

There will be no "Monday's Music Moves Me" post this week because I took a long weekend to go visit my Mom in Mississippi. My sons and I have had a lovely visit, and we'll be traveling back today - I have a shower to fix when I get back home!

In fact, there is lots to take care of at home. In addition to working and fixing stuff and continuing with the fun project I'm working on, I will be spending the week preparing the kids for their upcoming visit to their Dad's, during which time I will be attempting to work as much as possible AND tackle even more should-have-gotten-done-by-now home improvements. When my son leaves for college in August, I will be moving into his old room. I am pretty excited about that!

So I've had a bit of an interruption in my regularly scheduled blogging agenda, but I *do* have a music-related post coming up this week - be sure to stop back by for my review of Rock of Ages!


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