Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why mess with a good thing?

Yes, I'm looking at YOU, Blogger! I tried the new interface. I absolutely hated it. I think I could have gotten used to the different way things were set up, but the thing that bothered me almost the most is that I couldn't just go back and forth from html to visual without messing the html up. (It is much easier for me to just type html in and I ONLY use visual to insert photos into my post in certain areaas) Another thing that bothered me almost the most is that when I tried the picture uploader with the new interface, it only posted the actual size of the picture and not the selected size, so I had to figure that out on my own and manually resize the photo myself. But I think the thing that bothers me the very most is that after all this time, Blogger has had ample opportunity develop and implement a much better commenting system, eliminating the need for a third party add-on, but has not done so.

I will be fine. I will figure out how to maneuver around the new interface eventually, and luckily, I can resize my own photos. I know free is free and I'm trying hard not to complain (I left a self-hosted wordpress site to come back to Blogger, after all!), but the changes I've seen have not been good ones. And what happens to the people who get frustrated who can't do their own html, or position or resize their own photos? Will they just be forgotten and left to go to other free blog publishers?

You'd think with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter making it MUCH easier to post and interact with others than blogging, that the blog publishers would find a way to make blogging simpler and more useful instead of making their tools more difficult to use.

Hopefully some of the issues I've mentioned will be worked out by the time the permanent interface changes go live and we're forced to use it whether we like it or not.


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