Monday, July 30, 2012

The next few days

....hell, maybe even the rest of this week, promise to be a blur of activity.

I worked this morning into this afternoon, when my sons returned home from their month-long trip to their Dad's. They got here about 4pm, and since then I have:

  • Attempted to jump my youngest son's car off.
  • Went out for dinner with both sons and my oldest's girlfriend.
  • Attempted to dry the same load of clothes for hours; it seems my dryer has quit getting warm.
  • Attempted AFTER dinner to jump son's car off once more, to no avail.
  • Had son remove battery from car, then we took it to O'Reilly's for testing. Dead, of course. Purchased new battery and came home.
  • New battery worked. THANK GOODNESS.
  • Went to get gas in son's car.
  • Started doing my last minute Pre-Customs stuff for my oldest son's customs. Interrupted by an hour-long power outage.
  • Out of boredom, went for a drive with my youngest son (oldest was out with gf) during the power outage, and got brought up to speed on how his summer went.
  • Returned home, and spent literally HOURS doing this Customs stuff. We're still not completely done, though I have come to a point in which I can go no further tonight. Oh, and my dryer? Never heated up, and load of denim never dried. So I gave up, and threw a load of soft material in instead. Hopefully this won't be impossible.
  • Made hotel reservation. Printed confirmation.
  • Printed directions from our house to our hotel.
  • Printed directions from our hotel to the school.
  • Tried really, really hard not to panic at the rapidly-declining balance in my checking account.

On the agenda for tomorrow?

  • Wake up early to apply for title and license plate for youngest son's car.
  • Send oldest to health department for booster shot and copy of shot records, the most recent of which can not be found.
  • Procure passenger side mirror for youngest son's car.
  • Call insurance and get youngest son added to policy.
  • Pack for customs trip.
  • Work 5-9pm.
  • Come home, grab packed bags, paperwork, and son, and head to our destination, 1.5 hours away.
  • Pass out in hotel room upon arrival.

I mentioned last week how Lamb of God have had to cancel their tour due to singer Randy Blythe's continued detainment in the Czech Republic. Now there is a petition you can sign if you are so inclined. From Shelton Hank Williams III's facebook: "My Friend Randy Blythe is still In jail for no reason They have paid his bail and have jumped through all the corrupt loop holes in the czech republic.Please sign this to get the US EMBASSY to step in and do the right thing for a innocent American." That link also has a basic rundown of the situation as it stands right now.

So after all this chaos and such, it's good to tap into music to help slow it down some. It just so happens that today's 4Ms theme is "Funny Songs".

1. You Tube, and lock & load!
2. Grab "Monday's Music Moves Me" Button.
3. SIGN LINKY, Follow us, & Rockin' comment are good!
4. Finally, Boogie down to your Fellow Rockin' Bloggers. Also, bring some back with you to join us!

Well...I had a few of these lined up to post, but since my brain is fried, only two are going to make it. And one of them is DEFINITELY RATED R!!!!!!

Andy Samberg/Justin Timberlake: "Dick in a Box". Because it just never gets old. Embedding is disabled by request, so you can watch it here if you like.

The Charlie Daniels Band: Uneasy Rider. Pretty funny!

Be sure to go over to XMas Dolly's to play along! We'd love to have you :)

As for me, I will get caught up with everyone later in the week. Too much going on till Wednesday!



  1. Thanks for linking up with Monday's Music Moves Me for funny songs theme week. What a great way to begin Monday with lots of smiles & laughs, and your pick sure has added to my fun! Keep the music alive, my friend!

  2. That was a cool Charlie Daniel's song. I think I have heard it before, but not too sure.

    Royalegacy Reviews & More

  3. Have a good week :) Hope that singer has some luck in Czech.
    I love the Charlie Daniels Band, so much fun!!

  4. Girl you got a lot on your plate! But sometimes it's all busy and sometimes you get time to breathe.

    Thanks for rocking out with us today.

    Hope the rest of your week runs smoothly!

  5. Love your choice and thanks for taking the time to rock with us! I haven't heard this in so long. It is too funny! Have a great rockin' week. See you next week.


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