Tuesday, April 23, 2013

If I could turn back time

I've often heard people talking and seen people writing about how they have no regrets - that everything they've done has brought them to where they are today, and they are confident everything has happened to them for a reason. I know this to be true in my heart. But while I don't dwell on my regrets (at least not for too long!), I'd be lying to your face - um, computer screen - if I told you I had none. I think of how different my life would be if I'd stuck with Weight Watchers two years ago. If I hadn't screwed school up. If I'd learned to manage my money better. So many ifs.

If I could have seen the future, would I have made some of the decisions I made that have affected my life, my family's lives, so profoundly? Chances are....I would have made better choices. It would be so neat to have a handy-dandy gadget to see into the future and see how the decisions I am making now, no matter how minuscule or harmless or inconsequential they might seem, will play into the big picture on down the road. While I've definitely learned some valuable lessons as a result of bad decision-making, and have had my share of character-building and resolve-strengthening experiences; knocks I had to take, for lack of a better analogy, it would be nice to be reaping the rewards of good decisions instead of picking up the pieces because of bad ones. However - what's done is done and going forward I can only hope to do better. I think I'm off to a good start!

Over at Coffee Chat today, Leslie asked " If you had the choice of going back in the past to a specific time in history, OR, if you could travel ahead into the future (you are coming back to present, don't worry) --- which would you choose?"

You might be thinking I'd gladly go to the future, just to see how my actions today will define my tomorrow, and make changes accordingly. But I wouldn't. Truth is - the future is not set in stone. And *I* will be making my own future. Therefore, I will be going back in time. While I would love to go back to my young adulthood, when I still had a good figure and was more financially stable than I am now, I wouldn't even go back then. Instead, I'd go back to the late 60s/early70s.

Sure, it was a tumultuous time of radical change, but the cars that ruled the road during this time were, in my opinion, the best-looking ever made. The dishes, the housewares, the decor, the style, the makeup, the clothing.....all so unique and beautiful. But the music? The music was (some of) the best! You had CCR, The Beatles, The Stones, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Johnny Winter, Hendrix, Sabbath, Zeppelin, Jan and Dean, Dylan, the Dead, Elvis, and ALL the country greats.

And you had The Doors. One of my favorite bands of all time. I know I say that about a lot of bands, but of those bands, The Doors are WAY on up there! I'd go back to that time, and be my mother's age now, just to have been around the same age as this man:


Whether he looked like this:

Or even this:

But I prefer this - it's one of my favorites:

In my opinion, one of my current musician crushes bears a striking resemblance to Jim in the above photo. Can you guess who? (Hint: it's the hair and the quirky hat!)

And I am so excited now because in less than two weeks, I am headed to see fellow Jim obsessee/fangirl Spank, and she and I will be going to see my first ever Doors tribute band! Set the night on fire, indeed!

Here, enjoy some Doors live at the Hollywood Bowl, 1968.....

So now you know why I wouldn't head to the future!

Grab your coffee and click the graphic to head to Leslie's for more Coffee Chat!

Image Source: Credit to original photographers; I found them all at the fuckyeahjimmorrison Tumblr.



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  1. I have often said if we had made different choices in the past would our future be this way. Unfortunately once the decision is made it is hard to change it.

    1. I have no doubt that if I made different choices, my future would not be this way. Every action has a consequence, after all.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Ah Jim Morrison one of the men that made rock what it is today. what a great pick. As for me, I want to go into the future, see how my children turn out then come back and make sure I can get them there or help them accieve more.

    Thanks for stoppping by my blog and for your super kind comment.
    The Glitter Tart

    1. He absolutely helped define rock and roll as it is today, and there has never been another quite like him.

      I definitely understand your reasons for wanting to go to the future - of course you'd want to do everything you could to help your children become the best they can be, and if you know exactly what they're headed for....well, you can do that.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. The Lizard King: I would travel ANYWHERE to meet him!!!!
    to hear him sing, or read his poetry, or yeah I'll just say it: get completely messed up with him. I think Jim is the reason I gravitate towards the bad boys -- but the bad boys with some creative soul, ya know?
    I love you for this :)

    1. YES! The bad-boys like Jim are a distinct difference to bad-boys who are really just douchebags.

    2. Haha, I love you, too! Had I been around Jim Morrison in those days, I would not have hesitated to do anything he asked of me! That is probably why I was born when I was. I'd probably have really been a mess if I'd known him, but I have no doubts that that existence would have been nothing short of amazing!

      I tend to gravitate to the bad boys, as well. I love the ones with, as you so eloquently put it, creative soul. Unfortunately, most bad boys today (that I know) are complete douches. And nowhere near talented enough to make up for their douchiness!

  4. 1) I love you
    2) I love Jim in his "don't call me a rockstar I'm a poet" stage. I wanna get lost beneath that beard and beer belly.
    3) The Doors are beyond one of the top 5 bands of all freaking time... every one of their songs (lyrically and musically) have an urgency to them that would take me hours to dissect (which we shall do over beers next Friday night) For now I will just say that I smile every time The Doors are given the respect they're deserving of -- not just Jim but Jim, Ray, Robby and John. They were something special.

    1. You know I love you, too! I think we've had a smallish discussion before where we both revealed we loved Jim even more with his mountain man/grizzly bear look.

      I do love the hell out of The Doors (but probably not as much as you!) musically, but how sad is it that Jim is the only one I would recognize? I know the names of all the others, and know the band was far more important than their infamous antics - this band helped revolutionize rock and roll, after all - and I would only recognize Jim.

      In related news, I heard on the radio today that John Densmore said he has recently been back in contact with Robby and Ray. OMG, I hope that means that there is the remotest possibility that they'll grab Ian Astbury and head back out on the road again one of these days!

  5. You must be my soul sister because if I wasn't going back in time to save my bff's life from drowning I'd be going back to Jim myself. I even love Val Kilmer for bringing Jim to the big screen.

    1. I could always use more soul sisters! And I'd forgo Jim to visit with any of my relatives or save any of my loved ones. In a nanosecond.

      When I first heard Val Kilmer was going to portray Jim, I was so disappointed. I could not, for the life of me, reconcile Iceman with Jim Morrison and I NEVER thought he'd pull it off! But he was absolutely swoon-worthy in that role, and I honestly lost myself in that movie. Major props to him for proving me wrong on that one!


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