Monday, June 16, 2014


First and foremost, I hope everyone enjoyed their Father's Day - celebrating your fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, fathers of your children, or yourself if you're a mom pulling double duty as a dad as well - whichever applies to you. But I truly hope it did not involve agony!

Secondly, I am sitting here in abject misery because I have what must be at least a hundred mosquito bites.  I know that doesn't exactly sound like a lot, but I am not over-exaggerating for effect here, folks.  I am quite welt-y and itchy, and what's more, I'm still sporting a gel manicure, so I can't even violently scratch the bites.  Coconut oil helps take the itch away, but if anything touches one of them, it's on again.  So yeah, I'm pretty uncomfortable.  But my deck is now all decked out with some festive lights which have been sitting in my closet for a few years after I purchased them (on clearance, of course!)...

They're pretty, but I'm still debating whether or not it was worth being devoured by so many evil, pesky little minions of Satan.

Ahem.  Onto more exciting news...

In the hopes of finding my groove and "writing" voice again, I've teamed up with The Nora Guild.  So if anyone is visiting from #thenoraguild , hello!  It's good to meet you, and I'm so glad you're here!  

Also, starting tomorrow, I will be doing the 25 Songs, 25 Days challenge.  I haven't looked into linking up or anything, but here's the gist of it:

But for now?  It's #MusicMonday and time for a tune from a rock and roll legend:

Paul McCartney and Wings:  "Blackbird"


I look forward to taking my broken wings and learning to fly.

Be sure to visit Dolly for more music for your Monday!


  1. I think Wings were so underrated at times ..good choice ;-)

  2. I agree with Steve! Nice choice indeed.
    Hey, I might have to take up that challenge. I like a good challenge from time to time...ok, always!

    1. I decided to take on the challenge. You will find it on my blog above and here:

      I need to do something with Tumblr right?

    2. I should do something with my Tumblr, too, but I just don't know what. Every time something new like that comes up, I go open an account there so no one can use my name - then proceed to neglect it.

  3. My Dave's friend Joe loves playing this song on the acoustic guitar and sings the tune. That's how I was first introduced to it. It's definitely a soothing song & Paul definitely a legend. Hope your bites calm down I HATE THOSE LITTLE BUGGERS!!! I feel for ya girlfriend, truly!

  4. Blast the little beasts!
    I have them here too.

    But I think sometimes some things are just worth it.

    Your lights looks pretty!

    Hope you heal soon.

    Thanks for the tunes!

    Happy Lighting!

  5. OHHHHH!! such a good song. And Wings is often over-looked I think - we tend to just think of Paul and the Beatles. But this shows that anything the man touches turns to musical gold.
    Sorry about the nasty bites! that's our summer in a nutshell up here. especially when we camp.

  6. I chose the same legend. I love Paul!

  7. Mosquito bites are not my favorite! Hope your itchiness goes away soon... and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your lighting!! Now I need to find something for our patio... ;) I also love your song choice! :) Have a great (and hopefully itch-free) week! :)

    Walk This Way because I Can’t Dance in my Blue Suede Shoes with Jack & Diane

  8. Love sir Paul McCarthy he is truly a legend.


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