Monday, June 16, 2014

As silly as this sounds.....

Today's Coffee Chat topic is "What makes you feel the most confident/attractive/sexy?"   Well, honestly?  Most days I simply don't feel that confident, or attractive, let alone sexy.  I could to on and on and ON about how unhappy I am that my weight keeps yo-yo-ing, I keep struggling with my finances, and am really feeling the pressure to provide for myself a year after my divorce.  But that's boring.  That's negative, and I am doing my best to no longer be a negative person.  I am choosing to be happy.  Happiness is attractive, and confidence is attractive, and right now what is giving me confidence AND happiness is accomplishing goals....or at the very least, progress towards the accomplishment of goals.  Sexy will just have to come later, when I'm ready.

Speaking of goals....I currently have a few smallish projects that I am working on and am ready to turn an old dresser into an entertainment center (that's a project that has languished for years due to needing a place to haul the current entertainment center - the one which will no longer hold a decent sized TV because TVs were square when I bought it and not rectangular).  Even though that will take a while, I am still starting to think about what to do in my office space:

This is not my current setup, but this IS still the location of my "office."  (a wall in the living room right off the front entrance)  I just LOVE my retro-industrial metal monster desk and Steelcase vintage office chair!  And the desk has some great storage - but I do need the piece to function not only as a desk, but crafting/art area and sewing table.  The chair is definitely getting re-upholstered after all these years.  And I'm still debating whether or not to paint the desk.  And yes, it may take me more years before I complete it!  

Song of the day:  a song from your childhood, and an explanation for why you picked it.

The Steve Miller Band - "Dance, Dance, Dance"

I went back to EARLY childhood for this one.  I remember my Dad used to race cars and Fly Like An Eagle was one of the tapes we'd listen to on the drives to and from the racetrack.  This song in particular just made me happy to hear it!

And that's Day 1 of 25 Days, 25 Songs for a wrap!

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  1. Yo-yo weight is hard to overcome. I have lost my body weight several times over. Now I stay within my size 16 and not the size 10 wardrobe.

  2. Argh, the yo-yo weight - so get that. The last 9 years have been tough, children and C sections and trying to find time for working out AND then having energy at the end of the day To Get Busy. Talk about impossible goals!
    But I think anything that boosts your self esteem/confidence, and also gives you joy, is definitely a big step towards discovering your inner sexy diva!
    Great song!

  3. I tend to eat my emotions. I used to shop but then money became too much of a stress because we had none. Therefore my weight tends to fluctuate too. Maybe one day I will switch to exercise. But not today! I'm visiting from Rory's link up today.

  4. I get frustrated with myself over my own physical condition. I used to be super athletic, and now... I have to be honest, I just have a hard time getting into a new routine, and LIFE just seems to keep interfering! I eat well, and even though I am a food blogger, I don't eat a lot of junk food (sweets are rare, processed foods near non-existent, and mainly "clean") but I really don't get enough exercise. I put on weight while we lived in Alaska, and getting started to lose it is rough. I know it is just a matter of DOING it...but the new puppy who needs LOTS of walks might just be the thing to kick start it. She's a high energy husky, LOL

    Oh, and I love the desk! I have a similar one, but wood. A big, old beast of one. Great desk for $25 at a yard sale.

  5. cool Danc,dance dance is great. I would not mind having a desk like that myself.


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