Thursday, February 26, 2015

Friday Favorites for 2.27.15

This is a trio of Harkerware stoneware cups, most likely from the 40s-60s. They are adorable in cool gray with other speckled colors! These were all thrifted over the years for about fifty cents each; maybe even less. The blue one is "Blue Mist", the white one is "White Cap", and the pink one is "Shell Pink". There is another color in this particular line of dishes, a yellow one called "Golden Dawn" which I have not come across yet in any of my thrift hunts, but am on the lookout for. Yes, I have seen plenty on eBay and Etsy and the like, but I enjoy the thrill of the hunt! Plus, the hunt is much less expensive AND I don't actively collect this pattern.

Since I have a downsize and a move coming up, I have considered selling these. But honestly, I rather like their versatility. They are a bit heavier in weight than most of my dinnerware patterns, but the colors go so well together. And they make such adorable dip/sauce bowls in addition to being great for hot beverages!
Pattern identification resource:

Favorite music for the week: Foo Fighters featuring Zac Brown - "Congregation"

What are some of your favorite things this week? Music? Product? TV Show? Book? Recipe? Blog post? Feel free to link to any of your favorite things in the comments, and I will check them out!


  1. I love the cups, Kim. I have a similar, solid white set that's a constant "go to" for coffee, tea, soup, you name it. Just the perfect size. I also find I've been given a lot of penguins in glass, and china. Every winter I put them out in the living room, like a tiny village. This year, someone gave me a tiny crystal train with three cars. So the penguins are running the station (lol).

    My nephew loves the Foo Fighters. I haven't listened to much of their music, unless I was around him, but I do like this song, "Congregation." Hope you're working through the move okay. Hope to see on you Sunday!!

    1. Girl, you need more Foo in your life! You will definitely see me Sunday (or Monday), it will just be late Sunday.

      I love hearing about people's collections.....your white ones sound great for a variety of things :) And the penguins sound charming! I actually have a Penguin Ice Bucket -'s a West Bend Penguin Ice Bucket Hot & Cold Server....I love that thing! I plan on posting a pic of it if I ever get a good one....

  2. Those cups look like soup bowls to me. They are lovely though. I love "hunting" for favorite things too. Loved the Foo fighters song, very nice :) Today my favorite thing comes on: The Walking Dead. Although this week my favorite song (posted for my BotB today) is Styx song Renegade, as it has been playing all week in advertising for Sons of Anarchy complete DVD set. I so miss SOA.

    Have a good Week Kim.

    1. Oh, how I miss SOA as well! I can't wait to come by and see/listen to your battle :)

  3. I'm a little behind in commenting.... waiting for some paint to dry - LOL - but I love these. If I was going to do my dishware over again, I would look for interesting stuff like this. or pottery. it would be an eclectic look.
    yeah Foo Fighters!


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