Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snowmageddon It!

Oh, how I love a "snow day"! And thanks to last night's arrival of Winter Storm Remus, we here in Alabama got to have one. I feel terrible for the people stranded, though...just terrible. Only last Friday, I waited almost too late to leave work, and ended up spending over two hours getting home - what is normally only a thirty minute drive. But one hour of the two was spent just getting out of the city of Huntsville. ONE HOUR on what normally takes about fifteen minutes.

Almost the entire hour was spent literally swallowing the hysteria threatening to rise due to rapidly falling snow, rapidly deteriorating driving conditions, getting detoured from my normal route, going up a VERY steep hill where more than a few cars were getting stuck, etc. It was madness, but at least the other drivers out on the road were being more careful and way more courteous than they normally are. But because of the nerve-wracking experience of last Friday, I opted to leave work EARLY yesterday. WAY before any wintry precipitation started. My nerves just couldn't take another traffic situation like that.

All told, we got about 5-6 inches where I live, but places south of here got a foot or more. TWELVE INCHES....OR MORE! In Alabama? That's just crazy!

Anyway, I spent yesterday's snow day and this day's off day trying to get caught up on things I love while recovering from this nasty chest cold. I've already begun organizing the blog just a bit, because several good things are about to be happening at once, and I may not have the time later. I got my income tax refund, so here very soon furniture is getting overhauled, and home improvements will begin as soon as the weather is a bit warmer. That means I'll be making lots of plans and lists in the next few days. But today? It's all about blogging (since I missed the opportunity to make snow cream).

Music for Thursday: Def Leppard - "Armageddon It"

I will never forget how excited I was to see Def Leppard on tour supporting their album "Hysteria" (their first since drummer Rick Allen lost his arm in a car crash, and still one of my favorite albums to date) in 1988! I just couldn't resist the opportunity today presented to post this video due to our "snowmageddon." And I already mentioned "hysteria," although in an entirely different context. Today's post had a very unintentional Def Leppard theme!


  1. my goodness - stay safe and warm down there!
    but, can you believe I LEARNED to drive in that kind of weather?!! I seriously think my actual driving test was during a snowstorm. LOL
    I'd love to see how you over haul the furniture ... will you be posting?
    I'm getting ready for a mini bathroom makeover and still not sure if I will blog about it, because it's not really what I want -- but what I can afford.

    1. I will definitely be posting any diy stuff I complete :)

      I am sorry that you aren't getting to do the bathroom you want....but I am hopeful you can learn to love it and make it your own once the initial cost of the reno is past. I hope you do blog about it!

      Now...I just hope I really will, at last, be able to finish some of my stuff. I also have lots of must-dos around the house as well as some spruce-ups designed to help sell the place planned.

    2. Also, kudos for learning how to drive in that kind of weather! We just don't get it enough here in the south to really become accustomed to it. And although I did fine, it was too long of a drive in too much traffic under exceptional (for here) weather circumstances. I couldn't deal with that again that soon, haha!


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