Thursday, April 23, 2015

On perpetually running behind, #ThriftScoreThursday, and other goings-on

Sure, this post should have been ready to go at midnight this morning, but as my title states, I am perpetually running behind. Always a few minutes behind in real life, and sometimes a half day or more around here. I wonder why that is? Especially when I strive to be punctual, if not early. Not to sound cliche, but some days it really seems like my get-up-and-go got up and left! Left me in the dust. And I'm running a bit behind to go get some lab work done so I can finish putting a last-minute thrift score post up because I just couldn't let this AMAZING find from late last week go another week without sharing!

Allow me to present to you the newest additions to my home barware collection, these fabulous Libbey flamingos from the weird and wonderful eighties! I currently don't know the pattern name, but I do know that it's not "Old Miami". But if you know, feel free to tell me in the comments! I am currently researching, and of course I will update if and when I come across the info.

(Click photo for larger. Click here for Instagram.)

The Collins glasses are in near-perfect shape for their age, and the white faux leather ice bucket is in very good condition as well. I got them for a steal, and can't decide whether these will have to be pried from my #ColdDeadFingers or if I'll be listing them in the upcoming Etsy Shoppe ("Shoppe" because it's fancier than "shop" and because I like the slightly vintage and frou-frou spelling :) ). Probably the latter, since I do already have completely different barware and of course this doesn't match it. Not to mention, these would be perfect for an intimate pool- or beach-side summertime soiree with the girls - pool/beach and hot cabana boy not included.

Decisions, decisions. Hmmm.

Speaking of decisions, I guess I need to get up and get to the lab. I really can't put that off any longer. And I CAN'T EAT until after I have the lab work done. But with any luck, I will be back around later today to get all caught up.

What are some of YOUR most recent thrift finds? For more #ThriftScoreThursday and general thrifty goodness, head to For My Love Of, The Gathered Home, Black and White Obsession, Primitive and Proper, and this week's guest host, Design It Vintage.

Oh, and if any of you know of any specific thrift score blog hops or linkups, please let me know! I love #ThriftScoreThursday, but I also want to participate in linkups with other thrift store addicts and vintage freaks like myself, instead of hoping they might wander over via Instagram or a blog comment. There have to be some out there, right?

Today I'm listening to...

...something awesome from the 80s...

INXS - "The One Thing"


  1. Can't get out to thrift anything with this darned flu - mind you, it's be quite a travel to Scotland to pick up any thrifty I find. The intention's still to join in though!

    Flamingos and're right, it does feel 80's retro!

    1. Hahaha, I never thought of "Flamingos and INXS" in the same sentence, but when they ARE used in the same sentence, it makes everything sound even more 80s :)

      Hope you feel better soon! If I make the move back to my hometown, thrifting will be VERY scarce. I am enjoying it for now!

  2. Replies
    1. Just tripped back upon this post...
      had to hear INXS again.
      Stream of thought alert, Kim.
      The lead was cuter than me
      Oh my, I'll never see a fig in the same light again!
      P-I-G... pig out boyz. Ha!
      Nobody noticed the flower vase fell over.
      I GET IT...
      When it says, "Libbey's, Libbey's, Libbey's
      on the label, label, label...
      You will like it, like it, like it...
      On your table, table, table...
      Rocks Belle!

    2. LOL, your stream of consciousness thoughts take me way, way back, Dixie!

  3. ha - very 80s today!!
    I love them - the flamingo theme would be awesome on a back deck or pool side. I can just myself sitting in a hot tub, surrounded by a tiki bar on a starry Saturday night! ha.
    I haven't bought anything lately -- I've been saving up for new flooring for our bedroom. But, I do choose a pattern that looks like old barnwood. kinda. that doesn't sound great - but it is cool.

    1. It sounds VERY cool! I have some stuff I am using now, but when I am able to REALLY redo my floors, I am opting for some stuff that looks sort of like old, grayish barnwood. I think it'll be perfect for my eclectic little woodsy-lake-y cabin theme :)

      There are times when I don't buy anything, either.....thrifting really is hit or miss, and is one of the things I will miss the most about living here should I end up leaving. Back home, thrift stores are just last season's junk that isn't really "vintage" yet, and the good stuff is in the antique-y type stores. Some stuff is still affordable there, but a lot isn't . I will have better luck at the flea markets back home.


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