Friday, October 21, 2011

10 days till Halloween!

I don't know which movie to put up here today, as both The Prophecy, actually the first in a series of films, and Legion are very similar - angels fighting, trying to prevent the birth of a child who can save mankind, both having strong ties to North American deserts. Both films are more action than horror, in my opinion, with the Prophecy series being atmospherically the darker and more ominous of the two.

But religion has always been one of the things that interest me to no end, and anything having to do with the Bible's Book of Revelations is especially interesting, with all the predictions of doomsday, apocalypse and hell on earth. The thing about films such as this, even though they play mainly upon the fears of Christians, the "warnings" themselves can be taken in a number of different contexts depending on one's religion, or lack thereof.

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