Friday, November 18, 2011

Busy-ness sets in

It's another Friday, and another week has gone by without any attempt at memes, bloghops, social networking, or even updating the blog. I hadn't meant to let this much time pass between updates, happens. Life is keeping me pret-ty busy these days, and I haven't had much to say. Always a good thing, right?

My job is also keeping me pretty busy. We're gearing up for the holidays, and that has me thinking about gifts this season. One of my sons has asked for money, and I got my other son something he'll both enjoy AND find useful. And I finished paying for it today. Whew! Aside from small gifts for my parents and grandmother, that will be all I do this year, so I am basically done Photobucket

As for me, my Mom has said before that she wanted to get me a Nook Color, like hers. I already have a second generation Amazon Kindle that I'm still using, but I'm seriously thinking of upgrading to the Kindle Fire if she wants to still get me something like that. Actually, I'm saving up for something a bit expensive myself, so I may ask for money as well. The trouble with money is that when I have money, things tend to yank that money right out of my grasp and then I have none left for what I was saving for to begin with. As much as I may try, I am just really bad at saving. Therefore, I am tempted to drop the hint that I'd like the Kindle Fire.

My current Kindle is in perfectly good shape, but basically only functions as an eReader. The internet on it is slower than dial-up was back in the day, but even this doesn't bother me so much. The main draw for me is that it has all the features I love about my current Kindle (books, magazines, music), PLUS it's backlit, color, operates on wi-fi, is app-capable, and will play videos and tv shows. It's basically akin to having a tablet at a fraction of the cost. And that's just what I know off the top of my head. I'm sure I could find a wealth of other information if I cared to actually research it.

Here's the thing: do I really need a tablet (I mean, Kindle Fire)?

I already have a Kindle. I already have a laptop. (I currently share my laptop, but that will be rectified soon as I am replacing my son's messed-up laptop) I have a Zune for music. And when I upgrade my phone, I will probably use the music player on the phone more than the Zune, so I'm definitely covered as far as music.

The main benefits of this are that the Kindle Fire will be even more portable to travel with than a separate laptop, Zune, and Kindle. And it will be nicer to look at - I have ALWAYS loved my Kindle, but also always had a bit of trouble with the "electronic paper" background. Nothing major, obviously. But I would love a more computerized screen.

Decisions, decisions.

Image source: Office Depot