Friday, December 9, 2011

Another week has come to pass

And unfortunately this means another week has gone by that I did not participate in any of the online workshops/memes/hops I had hoped to be participating in by now. Another week that lots and lots of good intentions have fallen by the wayside, and believe me, I have lots of excuses.

I've been busy fighting off the sick.

I've been busy fighting off the tireds.

I've been busy with work.

I've been busy trying to get and keep my house clean around work.

I've been busy stressing over my teenagers not having jobs and not helping out around the house enough.

I've been busy stressing over (my half of) the bills, and those bills which are solely mine.

I've been busy trying to find full time employment in addition to the part time job I already have.

But I guess in the long run, those are all still just excuses. Excuses for why my living room floors still are not finished, why my other household projects are still largely unfinished, why I don't write and network that much anymore, and why I don't start or complete any number of things which could be therapeutic or make me happy.

Truth is, I just really struggle with letting things go. Once I've done all I can possibly do to take care of things, I worry. Then I shut down. And that? Needs to stop.

I'm hoping that despite the chaos of this month, I will put forth the effort to do the following small things which could make a huge difference:

-eat better
-submit resumes daily
-make an appointment with the local employment office/recruiter
-complete at least one large chore, or several small chores, in the house daily
-cook several meals in advance, so that I don't spend so much on convenience foods for the boys when I have to work
-cut out junk food
-be stricter with the budget
-work on a re-purposing project for a while daily
-send out the bills that I can

And the most important thing: after I've done all I know I can do, let go of the worry.

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