Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I am seriously slacking, y'all.

And I know this. I am slowly but surely trying to pull myself back into bloggy mode. I do love it when I can make it happen....but when there's nothing to say, well....there's really no point.

Which brings me to today. I don't have much to say here, except that finally, after a little over two years, my son's braces are coming off. Yay! I have one son's Christmas present bought already. Yay! And my other son's will be ready next week. Yay!

But I think the thing I'm most excited about is that tonight is the night for new episodes of both Criminal Minds and American Horror Story. I love all the tv shows I'm currently watching, but AHS is my absolute favorite!

I do have a post planned (well, planned in my head) for publication at some point, but until then, I think I'll just gush over Jessica Lange a bit. In my opinion, she absolutely STEALS the show. I was going to post my favorite scene of the week, but can't find it ANYWHERE. It's the scene where Constance tells Billie Dean to just cut to the chase - very closely rivaled by the scene where Constance tells her boy toy he'll never be famous - but every week, there is a new Jessica Lange scene to rave about, and I can't wait to see what she'll do this week!

In the meantime, I'm over at The Music Mamas with another edition of "Whatever Happened To...." Wednesday. You know you want to go over to find out who was featured! (Hint: popular in the mid 80s, but NOT a hair band or cheesy pop.)

Image source: American Horror Story Official Website