Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Is it too early for a drink yet? (It's 8:43 A.M.)

Because I could sure use one! I may have been able to ring in the new year quietly, but three days in (or not even, seeing how this is still morning!) and I am already ready to scream "STOP!!! I WANT OFF THIS RIDE!!!"

We had to call a locksmith first thing this morning. Seems my son's truck Christined him when he sent his brother out to crank it. So we sat for about an hour with a locked, running truck while waiting on the locksmith. Fortunately, it was too cold for the truck to run hot, but he was nearly out of gas by the time all was said and done.

The most comical thing? These places do not accept debit cards, only cash or personal checks. How on earth do people who don't travel with cash pay for these services in an emergency? Anyway, I told the locksmith service's receptionist that we only had a $100 bill, and she said they'd send someone who could break it. So after the truck was unlocked? My son had to follow the locksmith to the store to break a hundred. Sigh. I mean, I know he had to get gas anyway, but I thought the whole point of telling the company we only had a hundred was to prepare the guy they sent out.

I am just beyond thankful that we had the money to see to this, because I'm afraid if it had been any later in the week, we wouldn't have.

Those of you who have little ones? Let me assure you, the fun does NOT stop when they get older. In fact, as teenagers, there are many, many more creative ways guaranteed to give you a panic and/or heart attack and/or stress you out. I'm telling you this so you can go ahead and start planning your coping mechanisms now. I wish I'd had someone to guide me into this when mine were littler!

So, it really is too early for a drink. And this was to be the day that I started WW again, and got up in time to work out before work. But screw that. I'm going back to bed, and not waking up till I have to.

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