Monday, April 9, 2012

Site re-launch, and blogger awards. Yay!

Despite this post title, it is NOT an accidental re-publishing of my previous post. And so much for getting the re-launch and paying forward done soon. Yet here I am, and here is the itty-bitty "re-launch" (an entry in which I once again declare my good intentions to blog) and instead of going all-out with fireworks and the whole nine yards (by announcing my bloggy return across ALL my social media forums), I'm holding a lone sparkler instead (meaning this entry, and perhaps a tweet).

So...first order of business: BLOGGY AWARDS! I haven't gotten any in forever, and Tere has awarded me with not only one, but two!

The first of which is the Versatile Blogger Award. Recipients of this award are asked to:

*Thank the person that nominated their blog for the award with a backlink to them.
*List 7 things about themselves.
*Award 15 newly discovered blogs with the award and notify them of the award.

So thank you so much for thinking of me, Tere Photobucket

Without further ado, here are seven (possibly) interesting things about me:
  1. I love loud, live music, and attend/travel to as many shows as my time and finances will allow.
  2. I love roller coasters and other thrill rides.
  3. Gilmore Girls remains one of my favorite tv series ever.   In fact, I grew up in a town that reminds me so much of Stars Hollow.  I could easily see people I actually knew in the Gilmore Girls characters.
  4.  I'm starting to try to live a much simpler, kinder, and more frugal life with the help of homemade cleaners, paying better attention to store sales, and budgeting EVERYTHING.
  5. I'm also on the road to much better health and fitness by budgeting EVERYTHING.
  6. I love re-purposing!  (However, finding the time, motivation and wherewithal to see projects through remains a challenge.)
  7. I have a HUGE collection of vintage dishes!   Not. even. joking.  And I just got rid of a bunch of stuff.  I have almost all types and manufacturers in my collection.  
Now, onto the recipients.....of which I don't even have fifteen, since it's been a while since I've really blogged.  I'm also bending the rules a bit, since I don't have 15 bloggers to pass it along to since I'm a rebel like that since I know not everyone can pass awards along. If you can, great...if not, no worries...just grab the award for your site if you like!

I think everyone should be reading Kitti at Hellcat Mama, a fellow mom, custom clothier, fellow thrifter/collector, and classic car enthusiast.  I especially love reading about her thrift finds.  Her site is a real treat!

The "One Lovely Blog" award also comes courtesy of Tere - thank you again!  There wasn't much information available about this award, but I truly adore this one because I worked so hard on getting the design of this blog just right for me.  I have a really hard time letting go of my anonymous devil girl cartoon in favor of the hot design du jour, which generally involves actual photos and a nice, clean background!  The One Lovely Blog Award rules are:

1. Link back to the one who gave you this award.

2. pass the award on to 15 other lovely bloggers.

3. Follow the person who sent it to you.

I have linked back to Tere and also follow her, so now I'll just pass it along - again to only one blogger:

Tiffani at Sound Check Mama.  A truly lovely person with an amazing heart.  She's also a mom, concert buddy, and one of my best friends.   On her blog, you can find a wealth of information about motherhood, cochlear implants, music, and local events.  And Tiffani's posts are always so inspiring.  You won't be sorry you checked her out!

(And, as above - feel free to grab the award and pass it along if you like Photobucket )

And there you have it.  Some awards, hopefully a new start on a  new writing journey.


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