Sunday, April 7, 2013

Another beautiful day, and music from generation to generation

Today, my friends, has been nothing short of perfection. Breezy, sunny and warm; perfect for opening all the windows and letting (with any luck!) the last of the winter blahs fly out while fresh air and a new perspective floats in. Also perfect for grabbing a favorite magazine and heading to my back porch to sip lemonade, read, and soak up a bit of sun. Here lately we've had a day or two of warm weather, then we get hit with another cold front. I was so blessed to have my day off be as beautiful as it was! And I was so ready for it, seeing as how I took on a new job at work this week and have been feeling a bit out of sorts while trying to adjust to it.

Nothing puts a psyche back to good quite like music, though, so here are a few tunes that make me happy!

First off, the theme for Monday's Music Moves Me over at Dolly's is "Songs your mom/parents used to listen to when you were a child. Even if you hated them/loved them. Please share and how they made you feel."

I vividly remember my parents listening to music that I both loved and loathed, but for the sake of today's post, I'm going to just reflect on one of the bands they introduced me to that I loved. Creedence Clearwater Revival is definitely on the soundtrack of my life in its earlier years, and whenever I randomly hear anything by them it always brings a smile to my face. These are probably my favorite songs by them:

Bad Moon Rising

Midnight Special

Down on the Corner - yes, I know everyone hears it nonstop now that it's in a Walgreen's commercial, but I still love it!

And that was the song that made my Mom and stepdad beam with pride when they were in the car headed somewhere with my sons, probably 4-6 at the time, who started singing along with it when it came on the radio. So, I loved this music enough that I introduced my own sons to it at an early age.

What music did your parents introduce you to as children? Love it? Hate it? Which of your favorite musicians have you played for your children in the hopes that they'll love it as much as you do?

Music Monday:

X-Mas Dolly
Loving Life
My So-Called Chaos

Please let me know if you have, or if you know of more Music Monday blog hops. Because we could all use a little more music! Oh, and before I forget - I have TWO things to share with you that I am really excited about!

  • My blog now has a Facebook page to like! I've had this particular blog for well over a year and held off on creating a Facebook fan page for it. But now it has one! And I would really love it if you would "like" it :)
  • I also now have Facebook comments integrated on here, so this will be great for keeping the conversation going in both places, and also great for a reader who only uses Facebook if there are any of those. I obviously need to do a bit of work on that code, but it's there! So to leave a blogger comment, just do as usual and scroll straight to the bottom of the page.
Have a great week!



  1. CCR is a fabulous group. I was introduced to the band in the 70s and have loved them ever since. You put up some of their best tunes. Thanks for sharing your picks for this week's theme on Monday's Music Moves Me and for dancing with the 4M crew!

    1. I really liked them a lot; still do! Loved John Fogerty's solo stuff as well. Makes sense that these were some of their best tunes. I like all their songs (that I've heard), but wanted to do without some of the more politically charged ones.

    2. And as always, thank you for coming by :)

  2. My father loved The Beatles and The Beach Boys. I like some Beatles, but I'm not much of a Beach Boys fan. However, I am the coolest mom and introduced my kids to all the great music my parents never did for me! Now I've got a 13-year-old son cranking Zeppelin and The Doors in his room. Ahhh, life is good.

    1. LOL, I didn't hear much Beach Boys growing up, but loved surf music so I heard a lot of the instrumentals from back in the day - and Jan and Dean. I know they were a duo as opposed to an entire band, but I always thought of them as a more bad-ass version of the Beach Boys!

      I had to really be careful what to play around my kids when they were extremely young because a lot of what I listened to was not fit for children's ears. I remember some CDs I even bought radio edits of in addition to the uncensored versions just because I knew the kids would also enjoy the music, but I didn't want to try to break them out of a vulgar/profane lyrics habit!

      Thanks for stopping by to see me!

  3. I was a massive fan of CCR back then I always liked all their singles flip sides too

    Have a funtabulosa week ;-)

    1. I remember singles and flip sides.....always fun to see what was on the other side of a single back in the day!

      Thanks for visiting; I'm on my way to visit you!

  4. Your parents have great taste in music! Wish mine would have listened to CCR - love them! :) Have a great week, Kim! :)

    I Played in the Band and Sang in the Choir with A Boy Named Sue – that’s how it Used To Be but now Goodbye Looks Good On Me

    1. Hehe, you say that now, but you didn't have to listen to Dr. Hook and Leo Sayer and Conway Twitty as well! They did have good taste in music, but I guess like everyone else, had bad taste as well.

      Thanks for stopping by, Stacy!

  5. Credence has a sound all to their own. Just love 'em. Have a great day!

    1. Me, too - always have. You have yourself a great day, too, and thanks for stopping by!

  6. This fun to see what parents listened to and realize that I actually used to listen to those as a kid even though I didn't have parents!

    Thanks for rocking girl!


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