Thursday, June 6, 2013

Well....this is a little....awkward.

And I'm not talking about the MTV show, though I could probably give those characters a run for their money.

WARNING: a bit of language ahead, for those of you who are sensitive to that sort of thing.

Today I decided to try and jump back into the writing prompts at Mama's Losin' It, and one of the themes was something entirely too familiar to me: "Describe a time you made things...awkward."

Well, hell. When don't I make things awkward? From my genuine knack for (including, but not limited to) saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, trying to help but only being more of a hindrance, etc., etc......I have honed awkward past an art form all the way down to an unfortunately unmarketable, non-lucrative talent.

But of all my awkward situations, I think the one where someone on the school bus wrongfully told our bus driver I said she was a slut. Yes. As strange as that sounds, a middle school-aged girl on the bus told our adult bus driver that I, a high schooler (just shy of my driver's license) at the time, said she was a slut. She was being reprimanded for some bus infraction. They verbally got into it, grabbing the rapt attention of every bored student on the bus. All of a sudden, she just threw ME under the bus! Pun intended. I think. Wait.....was it really throwing me under the bus if I didn't actually say it in the first place?

Regardless.....everyone got really, really quiet, and turned to me. The bus driver asked if that was true. I could literally feel my cheeks blooming floridly. I told her that it wasn't, and luckily for me, the other girl was the troublemaker so they believed me. Whew! But the bus driver never quite "liked" me after that. I'm just glad it didn't land me in the principal's office or kicked off the bus.

So the awkward things that happen to me tend to be serious-awkward rather than funny-awkward, though I still find myself in plenty of funny-awkward situations, too. What can I say? It's always a thing with me!

If you also have a knack for turning any moment into an awkward moment, I'd love to hear from you. We should chat. In a non-awkward way, of course. Or even if you just have sympathy for me and others like me who are afflicted with awkwardness, I'd love to hear from you, too. If your'e visiting, be sure to leave a comment. I'll feel really awkward if you don't.

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  1. whoa...not cool of your friend. My friendship with that person would be definitely on the awkward to think of something awkward...??? I generally try and watch what I say, or at least think about before it flies out of my mouth - so I have not been caught with my foot in there too often.
    I've definitely let fly with a curse at the most inappropriate times -- like yes, in front of a child I thought was out of the room. and then of course my child has repeated it in the worst possible scenario. Which I am told I did to my own mom once. So I guess awkwardness, like karma, comes back around! haha

    1. Oh, she wasn't my friend, just a girl on the bus. Had she been, that would have definitely been done after that!

      My foot is always in my mouth. Regardless of whether or not I'm thinking.

  2. Oh, that would be awkward, especially if you didn't say it! I actually had a similar experience where I was helping my former school with the musical the year after I graduated. One of the 7th graders told the director (my former teacher) that I was backstage telling all of the kids about s*x! Um, I certainly wasn't! I was a virgin and the former vice-president of the Bible club. I have no idea where that little brat got that idea or WHY she did that but my teacher was never the same around me after that and she never invited me back :(

    Now that I told you that entire awkward story, I actually shared a completely different awkward story on my blog today.

    1. Oh, wow. I really despise people sometimes...but long ago gave up on trying to figure out why some of them do such inexplicable things to cause harm/trouble for others.

      I think I'll go read about your different awkward moment now :)

  3. In response your question about what happened to after I left the flower shop: The 51% partner ended up buying Peggy out, then gave the business to his son to run (a guy about 30) and the son engaged his Mom to come and help (divorced from the Dad) and she became the manager. I worked 1 Christmas and 1 Valentine Holiday strictly as holiday help (took an antihistamine to be there)immediately after, but the Mom-manager was a yeller and a blamer and I didn't like working for her, so I never went back. The business is still there. I just ran into run of the designers I used to work with just today who's still working there. I opened a Zazzle store after I left the flower shop and that's what I do now, so I can work at my leisure.
    I opened a Zazzle store right

    1. That's awesome! I say it's probably always better to be in business for yourself if there's any way you can be. Then things are run and managed how you see fit!


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