Sunday, June 9, 2013

With the release of The Great Gatsby, do you think penciled-in brows will become a thing again?

Because I personally hope they do! Not only do I love the style, fashion, and decor of the roaring twenties, but the ladies were not afraid to pencil in some skinny brows! (though in the movie posters, the brows don't look all that skinny) And I have to pencil my own brows in. I always have. I may have been blessed with a head full of thick, coarse hair enough for four people, but what God giveth, God taketh away.

In my case, that means I got some thin, fragile, transparent lashes which point straight down and will not stay curled, and some sparse brows with baby-fine, colorless hairs towards my outer eyes. I've gotten to where I can pencil mine in and have them look semi-decent, but I would love to be able to use a heavy hand and obviously non-natural brows again without looking bizarre. The last time I was able to pull this off was in the late 90s when I hung around with mostly goths, many of whom also loved a drawn-on brow.

Since it's Music Monday, I headed to Amazon to check out The Great Gatsby soundtrack. Lo and behold, Jack White's "Love is Blindness" is the only song I really liked off the soundtrack, but it's already been featured on someone else's "Monday's Music Moves Me" post. Well, any excuse for Mr. White's music to grace my page again is valid, so here it is again for those of you who didn't catch it the first time:

So much for featuring a few songs from the soundtrack. Instead, I'll go to the actual 1920s for a few selections....and I'll also carry on with last week's theme of remakes. This was so much fun for me!

First up is "Wildwood Flower" by The Carter Family. I always assumed this was the original, but it's not. According to the song's Wikipedia page, it is "a variant of "I'll Twine Mid the Ringlets," written in 1860. The Carter Family recorded it in 1928.

Now, here's an AMAZING cover by Mike Ness of Social Distortion (from 1999's Under the Influences.)

And here's "Corrine Corrina" by legendary Delta bluesman Bo Carter (1928)

That song's been covered by everyone from Bob Dylan to Floyd Cramer to Bill Haley and His Comets - even Rod Stewart recorded a version! But my favorite is by Jerry Lee Lewis, recorded a few decades later in 1965.

And lastly, "Ain't Misbehavin'", as recorded by Fats Waller in 1929:

Hank Williams, Jr. covered this in 1986. I saw it performed on some awards show, and loved it!

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  1. I loved them older vids Corrina Corrina I always vividly remember when I was a kid :-)

    Have a fantabulosa week :-)

    1. Glad you enjoyed them, Steve! You have a fantastic week as well!

  2. I have the opposite problem with my brows, I spend a fortune on waxing :)

    You are right that cover by Mike Ness of Social Distortion was really good.
    Enjoyed your music today. Have a great one.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Lucky you! My brows, I guess, are thick *enough*, but due to the really light color in places, they don't really frame my eyes that well without penciling in.

      That Mike Ness cover is one of my favorite songs EVER!

  3. You know I love these picks. I love hearing the different version of these classics and they were all worthy. I'd love to see the style of 20's come around although I won't be penciling eyebrows. It was classy wildness; you got to love that. You rocked it!

    1. I love hearing different versions of the old classics, too :)

      I love that term you used - "classy wildness." LOVE IT.

  4. Is that as in June Carter (wife of Johnny Cash)? hmmm I haven't seen the Great Gatsby, but I sure want too. Eyebrows are a thing, but I've been lucky in that my eyebrows have stayed over the years the way I use to twease them! HA Go figure! Corrine, Corrina is definitely a remake many times! Whoa this one is really deep in dem dare hills isn't it! HA! Jerry Lee always cracks me up.. just thinking of his performances... hehehe. Ain't misbehavin' use to be a favorite of my Mom's. I think she use to listen to the Mills Brothers version! This was really different & I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Thanks girl.. you so ROCK!

    1. Yes ma'am, one and the same! Now that is something to look forward to....brows that stay in the shape you used to pluck them :)

      And yep....Corrine, Corrina is definitely from deep....well, south. I doubt you'd find a hill anywhere in the Mississippi delta, though!

  5. I have to pluck my eyebrows -- there will never be a need for to pencil them! unless I pluck them right off. But I love that old glamour look indeed.
    And speaking of love...Jack White. :)

    1. I pluck mine as well. They may be sparse, but I still don't like where they grow, haha.

      There is always love for Jack White here.

  6. I would pencil them in anyway! Why not do what makes you happy eh?

    Love the music line up!

    Thanks for rocking.

    Aloha :)

    1. I definitely do already. I'd just kind of like for it to be trendy once again :) Thanks for coming by!


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