Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My life as a country song

It feels good to be back on the blog after an unintended yet forced hiatus! July was the most colossal of bitches to me (and my family), hence my possibly-over-dramatic-yet-still-entirely-accurate post title. There was sadness. There was anger. There was gloom, despair, and agony. There were life-changing events. There was my oldest son's car trouble, my youngest son's move back home and his car trouble. There was MY car trouble, where the skid plate got knocked out from underneath my car. And my laptop died. And our oldest family pet had to be rushed to the emergency vet during late night hours only to have to have some expensive surgery the next morning. That was the time I couldn't sleep for over forty hours. But thankfully, she is still here with us.

I cried "UNCLE!!!!" many times. So very, very many times. We are still trying to recover from these setbacks financially, but we are doing pretty good, all things considered.

Here's to a better August. Hopefully a better rest-of-the-year! It was off to a disastrously bad start, but I am on vacation for the next eight days, and I am loving every minute of it! So far I've gotten so absorbed in housecleaning, various other projects, and the HGTV Folio app. And miraculously, Last month didn't force me to guzzle down gallon after gallon of intoxicating adult beverages. There has been a lot of this, though:

Nothing quite beats iced coffee on the back porch!

This is time for a reset, so I am going to let the incredible Mr. Marley lead the way...

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  1. Oh my goodness! Indeed it is time for a rest and let up of the storms!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Of course I love Bob.

  2. Life's hard knocks really get us down sometimes, don't they? But, we're resilient and will find a way to pull ourselves out of the messes that we face. Here's hoping the rest of the year is more promising than last month's disasters. It's so nice to have you on the dance floor with the 4M crew, Belle! ;-)

  3. Oh wow! It sounds like you've had to deal with more in one month than many have in a year! Here's hoping August turns out to be a redeeming month for you and your sanity. And that you actually do get to enjoy some adult beverages without it being stress driven. ;)

  4. Great little happy tune. I listened to it twice.


  5. Hey, no fair! You snuck in under the wire! hehehe Well better late then never I always say! Hugs and thanks for joining us! Some great tunage here!!! hehehe

  6. One of my very very favourite songs. So awesome.
    I always listen to this song if life is kicking me in the ass, or if I get the blues. It never fails.

  7. I've been deep in the iced coffee too!


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