Sunday, November 30, 2014

'Tis the Season (Oh, and it's Monday, and there's music!)

Indeed.  Thanksgiving has come and gone.  For the first time in my life, I actually cooked Thanksgiving Dinner for myself and my two sons.  It was pretty tasty, if I do say so myself!  I am not a cook, but my bird turned out okay and I did not burn the house down.  So yay for that!  Gives me confidence to jump in for round 2 at Christmas!

Unfortunately, I did not get a good shot of the turkey, but feel free to have some dessert....

That's Chocolate Pecan Pie on the left, and New York Style Cheesecake on the right.  And they were both YUMMY!  (And yes, I totally used my chest freezer as a buffet.  (What?  You don't?)  Between the approaching holidays, working two jobs, and having cable techs come in earlier in the day, I feel I did good just to get dinner done at all.)  At least it was an opportunity to use some of my vintage dishes including my Pyrex Peach Lustreware pie plate and my Homer Laughlin Priscilla plates (note:  image from link is not mine).  And since I had to work Thanksgiving, this was dinner Wednesday night, and since it was at night, it was dark, and I didn't have any natural light to work with.  But I will just go ahead and put this out there - I am terrible at staging and taking photos, especially with the iPhone.  So any tips and tricks you can send my way, feel free to!

Black Friday has come and gone.  I pulled a 5:30PM-5:30AM shift, and it was pretty brutal.  But now things are slowly winding back down to the regular hectic pace of the holidays from the superhyperohboyholdontoyourseats hectic of this weekend.

As promised, there is music.  All of the music themes this month at all the hops are holiday music, so here's some for ya -

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Wizards In Winter

This is also a sneak peek at a new hop all my #musicmonday and #4ms cohorts may want to participate in called the Mix Tape Shuffle.  I found out about it through my friend Mari at Mari, quite contrary.  It is hosted on the first Thursday of each month by Marisa Mohi.  I can't wait to participate, and hope to see it really take off in 2015!

For more Music Monday, be sure to visit X-Mas Dolly!  And if you know of any other music memes/hops, leave 'em in the comments and I will edit this post to include them!


  1. It doesn't matter when you have Thanksgiving Dinner, just as long as you have a day set aside for special thanks for your blessings. I'm happy that you found the time to do just that amidst this crazy season that we've entered. The hustle is bonkers, but I try to focus on the quiet moments of hope, peace, and good will. Thanks for joining the 4M crew on the dance floor & for the tip of the new music meme. ;)

  2. That was quite entertaining :-)

    Have a musictastic week :-)

  3. I have Trans-Siberian on my laptop. Great choice.

  4. Great choice! The pie looks yummy!

  5. I love all things pecan pie!!! YUM!
    Glad you cooked and it was good.
    Thanks for the music!

  6. CHEESECAKE!!!!!! My favorite dessert. ;)
    And the trans-siberian orchestra is a favorite of mine during Christmastime! Great choices - in food and music!

  7. LOVE LOVE this song. I have to blast it several times every year.
    Pecan pie please :)

  8. My son loved that. thank you for making him smile.


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