Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why hello there, gorgeous!

It's been a quick minute since my last post and I am still computer-less.  Not completely...my son is letting me use his until I get a replacement...and while I am immeasurably grateful for his generosity, it still hasn't spurred the the desire to write more or post more.  Not to mention, blogger remains a gigantic piece of shit on this computer.  However, I have been doing lots and lots of pinning.  So, so, SO MANY wonderful ideas for things to do to the house, on the stove, for my many "projects," all of which have the potential to be useful blog posts.  And?  Still no real motivation, until now.

With the year rapidly coming to a close, I've been doing some thinking.  (Uh-oh)  I'm thinking that it could possibly be time for another re-branding.  I've had a decent run of 3+ years here.  This place has been my outlet through all the good, fun parts of life for that time, and I feel the name was exactly what fit me - at that time.  But the past three years (and this blog) have also seen me through financial hardship, divorce, empty-nesting, and birds coming back to the nest.  I wanted This Belle Rocks to be a place where I shared my passion for everything from music to books to fashion to home ideas.  I bought lots of music, went to lots of concerts, read lots of books, went to lots of movies, and collected a lot of vintage awesome-ness.  The name just felt right, and fit.

Now?  I'm not so sure.  While I am still very passionate about all those things I mentioned and more, I'm not doing as much with music.  Not going to as many shows.  Reading only when I have a few minutes. I often wonder if people who know me through the blog and get to meet me in real life or otherwise get to know me think "Wow.  This woman lied.  She does the opposite of rock."

So, a lot has changed and I'm not sure if I want to carry on with this brand (non-existent as it may be) and this blog when it no longer really fits.  Because we all know that trying to cram yourself into something that doesn't fit, be it jeans, shoes, or maybe even an online presence, is miserable.  Do I try to make the blog grow with me, or do I just let it go?  I *am* leaning a certain way, but I still have a while to weigh my options.

What about you?  Are you holding onto something (or things) you should let go?


  1. I have been thinking the exact same thing since I've been in this rut. I still want to write, I have added photography, so it's not that I want to stop blogging: but I wondered also if my current Blog no longer "Fits." I am still a mom who blogs, but I have never quite felt like the typical "mommy blogs" -- yet my blog name? It's right there: Time out for MOM. Now that the kids are in school, I wonder if it is time to change the name to something more encompassing....... hmmmm.
    Although, I am still a mom who needs her time. so...maybe it's not just time to let it go yet.
    I think I will know when that moment comes.

  2. Belle, this was a great post. And I get it. Several years ago I built a blog that I thought was going to be about my art, only to end up writing about the elder care system in the US. My mother had dementia and we were in the process of a very long and sad good-bye. After she passed I suddenly felt that I had nothing to share. The women who had blogged with me through that period were amazing. I had similar questions about my direction. So I grieved and I shut things down. Five years later I've started and stopped again two or three times. I've finally landed in a place that feels comfortable and right for me, but I often wonder if I might have found that place sooner had I not just let CookieSunshine fall away. I'm voting that you take time and try to figure out what you want to go with before you let go of where you are. I wish that I had handled things more in that way. Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me earlier today. It's a pleasure to meet you.

  3. LOVE this idea and do hope that you find the direction you are looking for! I have had thoughts of throwing more into my blog in regard to some of the recent events and dealing with two teenagers but I have also tried to tread lightly when it comes to talking about these events as to not upset the wagon in which my kids ride. Can you imagine seeing something on your moms blog that you literally just talked about with her. ( but its a thought) I wish you luck!

  4. I have been blogging for 3 years now. I still find it is an outlet and my mother enjoys reading my blog. I have added the new meme Memory Mondays which has helped stay focused. My daughter who started it all has shut hers down.

  5. I did this last year some time after my divorce as my Our Side of the Mountain blog was our "family blog" and I felt that my family was different...I started another blog, but it never felt like "home". As my family will be changing again soon through remarriage, I ponder if I should start anew again...A hard decision!

  6. I keep telling myself I'm going to start blogging more, but it hasn't happened yet. With the divorce and other things going on, I just haven't wanted to talk about any of it for various reasons ...

    I'm fearful to start back for stupid, illogical reasons ... but like Jessy said, it just doesn't feel like home. Maybe I'm waiting to see if that feeling will come back?


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