Monday, December 1, 2014

Decking the Halls

We are now into the second day of December and here at Casa Belle, holiday preparations are being pushed farther and farther behind. I am exhausted from work and housework and trying to help get my sons ready to leave for their three-week out-of-town construction stint, and so that leaves us roughly tomorrow before work and tomorrow night after work to get the tree put together as a family. (HEY! It could happen!) On that note...

I've decided not to break out the big tree this year. There are only three of us here, none of us are getting big gifts, and as I said before, two will be gone in a few days and won't be coming back till the 22nd. It just doesn't make sense to make a big production out of decorating. So in an attempt to make things simpler, tomorrow evening we will get the Christmas music going. We will nosh on appetizer-type foods and I will have a glass of wine while I polish my fabulous mid-century bar, plunk a 2 foot tree on top of it, and hang our stockings on it via our stocking holders. Obviously, I'll fill out the vignette at some point soon, but tomorrow's goal before the boys leave is to get the tiny lights on the tiny tree and get the stockings hung on the bar. Easy peasy. Pics when I get the entire thing done. Maybe.

Today's Coffee Chat topic is "What are some of your favourite pre-holiday preparations?" And yes, this was about the closest I could get. I've never really "prepared" for the holidays other than getting a tree up bit by bit and a few presents under it. I've never hosted parties or dinners since my schedule always directly conflicts with everyone elses, but I wish I could! Because you know I could host the hell out of an amazing party!

And one of the songs you'd surely hear at any holiday party of mine is this one:

Blue Decorations - B.B. King

I do hope we'd all be feeling Christmas-y, though! Be sure to come back Thursday to see what else I've included for my holiday edition of the Mix Tape Shuffle!


  1. We downsized our Christmas tree a few years ago. We also don't entertain as much as our son does Christmas at his house. Enjoy your family time this week as that is what really makes Christmas.

  2. honestly - it is A LOT of work this decking the halls. But I go all out right now because my kids are young. I am sure it will get less as they get older. But I will always have a tree - even if it is eventually just a two footer set on a table.
    Love the song!


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