Saturday, December 20, 2014

And the winner is......

I may have unofficially participated in this month's latest Battle of the Bands, but I do have an official winner from that unofficial venture. I gave my vote to Type O Negative because their cover was the first I'd heard, it doesn't sound remotely like the original, and they are one of my all-time favorite bands. Still, The Smashing Pumpkins won, 5-2. I can't really complain - though Type O is much more special to me, I love The Smashing Pumpkins version as well. Almost as much, in fact :)

As far as I know, the next Battle of the Bands will be January 1st. This will also be my next addition of the Mix Tape Shuffle, so expect a music-packed New Year's Day here!


  1. Kim, had I realized you posted a BOTB, I would have been by to vote. Ya got to let us ALL know , girl. I'll be back on the First to see what you got goin on.

    1. Sorry! I am learning! But it don't think I was included this time around anyhow. Next time I will let everyone know, I promise.


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