Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Too much eggnog?

Or not. (That photo is from five years ago, and I love it, as it is classic "me.") As it turns out, I still have some decorating to do - even though I'm only adorning my bar with a small holiday-themed vignette - I'm still in somewhat of an adjustment period for the holidays. It didn't help matters that I had been valiantly trying to fight off an illness since Black Friday only to succumb to it a week later. I'm still feeling a bit run-down from that. Also, there was Sons of Anarchy. I hadn't watched until about 1.5 weeks ago, but it didn't take me long to get completely addicted! So a lot of my time has been spent with the SAMCRO crew. I'm now at the end of Season 3, and will probably have withdrawals while waiting on FX to marathon the final season (pleasepleaseplease tell me FX is going to marathon the final season at some point!).

But yeah. It actually IS starting to look a bit like Christmas because that is just how Christmas is done here. One bit at a time. We're getting there, folks! I have bought one gift for each of my sons. Thanks to my wonderful Mom, I am no longer laptop-deficient. And thanks to my boys, I now have a way to listen to all my treasured vinyl albums.

Today's Coffee Chat theme is "What does Christmas Eve look like at your home?" I may not have my holidays together just yet, but I do know how this plays out! Christmas Eve in my home will begin about 5pm, after my shift earlier in the day. I will give my sons their gifts. I will force them and the dogs to take pictures with me which I will then plaster on Facebook and Instagram. We will have a low-key dinner - I'm thinking finger foods. We will be in our PJs. We will stay up late getting caught up on favorite tv, or movies, and sleep in late on Christmas Day (in the morning). We will be thankful for another holiday in which we have been immeasurably blessed.

Here's a little South Park humor:

What does Christmas Eve look like at YOUR home?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to start your Christmas. Hope you are well enough to enjoy it.

  2. Certainly sounds like a great way to spend Christmas to me. And just in time well enough to enjoy the food and - I am assuming here - drinks ;)

  3. I have a few pictures like that one too! usually after those grasshoppers! LOL
    I like the easy, low-key sound of your Christmas. Leaving all the hustle and bustle behind and just settling in and focusing on the Being Together aspect of the holiday. Too many of us probably try to "make Christmas happen" and exhaust and worry ourselves. I am determined not to do that this year. to just relax and let all the magic unfold - or not. as long as my loved ones are with me - that's the best gift and holiday.

  4. I'll be forcing my dogs AND my boys to take a holiday picture. Never goes smoothly. Your picture of the tree looks exactly like one I have from last year. haha!! Happy Holidays!!

  5. We'll go to church for Christmas Eve vespers, and then we'll come home to a nice dinner. Then we'll get into our jammies and watch sappy Hallmark Channel Christmas movies and go to bed. Santa leaves stockings, and they are always everyone's faves on Christmas morning!


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