Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday puts most of us in the mood for battle

As for me? It's usually just another day, but this time I am feeling it. This month is going by so fast, and I just can't seem to find time to get it all done.

Oh. Howdy!

This month also just keeps bringing a plethora of new things, especially on the blog hop front. There's always Music Monday, then earlier this month I participated in the Mix Tape Shuffle. Now? There's a new hop I'm excited to try to join up with called Battle of the Bands.

The rules are pretty simple - pick two recordings of a particular song to "do battle." Twice per month, on the 1st and 15th. Link up, and visitors to your blog can cast their vote for their favorite. Six days later, cast your own vote and declare a winner. I consider myself somewhat of a cover/tribute afficianado, so you know this is right up my alley! (Edited for future reference (though not part of the rules) I will probably never throw an original into the ring, so to speak).

First off, we have the legendary Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl". This is the original, and therefore not part of the "battle."

Now, I will ask you to listen to the two songs below (or at least enough of them to get a feel for what they sound like) and vote for which one you like better. Or least worse, whichever the case may be!

In 1996, Brooklyn Gothic/Doom Metal band Type O Negative covered "Cinnamon Girl" for their fourth studio album, October Rust.

Iconic 90's alt-rockers The Smashing Pumpkins also covered "Cinnamon Girl" and included it on the 2012 bonus CD reiussue of Pisces Iscariot.

Now.....for the rest of Music Monday. It's back to a Christmas song and I've been really in the mood for more from Etta James, so here she is singing "The Little Drummer Boy".

Isn't it just divine? For more Music Monday, be sure to visit X-Mas Dolly and Battle of the Bands. As always, if you have a music meme, be sure to mention it in the comments so I can participate here and pass it along!


  1. Hmmm, I think Cinnamon Girl is remotely familiar, but I swear I think I have block in my memory sometimes when it comes to music. Since the original is out of the running, I think my favorite between the two rivaling bands has to be Smashing Pumpkins version simply because it was closest to the Young's cover & Type O Negative was just a bit too heavy to suit my taste. Fun 1st #BOTB edition, Belle! It was great having you to boogie with the 4M crew. I enjoyed listening to the legendary Etta James! Have a dancetastic Christmas holiday!

  2. Well, thank you for throwing in our Christmas tune here. Believe it or not that was the first time... oh no wait... the second time I heard drummer boy this year. Even that's a record though because I usually hear it every other song. hehehe So boom boom boom to you and a very Merry Christmas - thanks for the twirl on the dance floor. Have a great week and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Etta James is a classic.

  4. KIM ~
    I'll vote for Smashing Pumpkins because their version is far more melodic than the Type O Negative one, which really isn't my type of music anyway.

    A couple of corrections, though...

    First, you commented on my BOTB blog bit but you failed to vote for one of the two versions I have posted there. I need you to return and tell me if it's The Canadian Tenors or the Spiritus Chamber Choir you prefer.

    Second, just FYI, there is no rule that says you can't use the original recording of a song in a BOTB installment. It does not have to be A Cover Versus A Cover.

    I have sometimes put an original recording up against a cover, and other times used two cover versions against each other - it all depends upon the song and how competitive I feel a cover version might be against the more established recording.

    Some BOTBers shy away from using originals ONLY because if it's a really famous song, there's little chance that the newcomer can overcome the legendary status, and the last thing any of us BOTBers want is a shutout, where one of the two versions doesn't receive a single vote. (Putting a cover of a Beatles song up against the Beatles' original recording would NOT be a good idea. Although I did do that once, because in my opinion the cover was far, far superior to the Beatles' original. The outcome was the predictable voting landslide, although the cover version DID get 3 votes including mine.)

    Lastly, if you return on New Year's Day (we post new BOTB installments on the 1st and 15th of every month) and play along again, I will add a link to your blog on my BOTB page, and that will direct other voters to your site. So, let me know if you plan to be a permanent BOTBer.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Duly noted; I guess I got excited and was obviously not up to speed on the rules. I probably read a post where the original was not up for debate on that particular post. I will rectify that ASAP :)

  5. though I like the classic Neil Young -- I am definitely a Smashing Pumpkins girl!! love them. miss them.
    And I always love me some Etta! she's the greatest.

    1. Holy cow. We even like the same band! I used to listen to them all the time - and still do when I can get some alone time in the car!

  6. Sorry but I'm partial to the Smashing Pumpkins rendition! I love that band!
    And Etta is always a classic!

  7. Wow Cinnamon Girl that is an oldie. Thank you for bringing back great memories. I love that a song can do that.

  8. Have to go with Smashing Pumpkins as my choice. :)

    And wow, first time hearing Etta's version of Little Drummer Boy! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the dance! :)

    The Christmas Song isn’t Red Solo Cup – Santa Tell Me because Baby It’s Cold Outside!

  9. I like the battle of the bands idea and would love to try it out soon.

    Merry Christmas to you!


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