Saturday, October 15, 2011

Patrick Wilson has eluded me yet again!

If you've been following along, then you might notice that I have developed quite an attachment to A Gifted Man, due in no small part to a teensy-weensy crush on Patrick Wilson. You might remember me blogging about how I've not been able, even once, to watch this show on tv yet, due mainly to scheduling conflicts.

So earlier tonight (last night) I was home and I made plans to actually sit on my sofa, turn the tv on at the designated time, and watch the show at its regularly scheduled time.

Well? That didn't happen. Apparently I mistook the time of broadcast as 9/8 CST instead of 8/7 CST. So I missed it AGAIN tonight. Sigh....why must Patrick Wilson (and CBS) do this to me? But then I thought No problem. I'll just watch it online like I've done since the show debuted. And I tried. I loaded the video at CBS's website, only to have it constantly freeze.

Not funny, Patrick Wilson.

Not funny, CBS.

This is like the EXACT OPPOSITE of Josh Hartnett stalking me.

I shall try again after work tonight to watch the show online. But just so you know, Patrick Wilson (and CBS): even though I am a very forgiving person and am totally willing to overlook you ignoring me, our relationship cannot continue like this!


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