Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wordless/Wordful Wednesday 10.19.11


Wordless Wednesday:

From Wordless/Wordful Wednesday

From Wordless/Wordful Wednesday

From Wordless/Wordful Wednesday

Wordful Wednesday:

In keeping with the 'spooky' theme, I decided to go with real spiders this week Photobucket

Who needs fake Halloween decorations when you have these critters hanging out around your house? The top and bottom spiders have long since gone, but the big guy in the middle photo just showed up the other night. He's just hanging there in our front doorway, and that's his underside, as this was taken from inside the house. He was kind enough to build his web around where we walk through. A very polite spider, indeed. I included this photo not because I think it's all that good, but because you can actually see his handiwork, or the spider web.

The female in the top photo was here sometime in August. She was next to the front door, but she packed up and left after a few days. I think we were too active and disruptive to her.

The one on the bottom is just a shadow, zoomed in and cropped. That one I believe is also a female, and was also here sometime in August. She and another female just dropped down out of the tree overlooking the back porch, at dusk, and in almost perfect synchronicity.

Spiders are so fascinating!


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