Thursday, November 3, 2011

All these things that I've done

....and now I'm supposed to pick just one and talk about it?

Okay, goes: two weeks ago, one of the prompts for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop was to "list 22 things you've never done," which I turned into a post about bands, artists, and tours I've never seen. The next week's prompt was to "list 22 things you HAVE done," in which I listed 22 bands and artists I HAVE been able to see live.One of the prompts for this week?

"Did you create a list of 22 things you've done in your life for last week's Writer's Workshop? This week, choose one item from your list and elaborate! We want the story."

I'm going with that one, since I've already held with the other two in previous posts. And, as you might have guessed, I'm going to pick just one artist and give you the goods on my experience at their show. This is incredibly hard on me, as most shows I've attended have been special in their own way. My favorite shows ever were in recent years and at smaller venues (except for 1985's Motley Crue shos in Memphis, which you can read about here if you choose to do so). There was the Hank III show in Huntsville in '09, which I wrote about here, and the 30 Seconds to Mars show in Atlanta from earlier this year, which I gushed about over at The Music Mamas.

And then there was the Type O Negative show in Atlanta back in 2007, which is probably my favorite of all shows, ever. Not only because they're one of my favorite bands, but because of Peter Steele's untimely passing, they sadly are no more.

I made a post about this at one of my old blogs, but it's waaaay too long to publish here. (I'll be sure to come back and link to it when I get it transferred, though!) So for post length's sake, here is the gist of it:

My friend and I got to hang out inside the venue all day (instead of having to wait in the rain), met some of the bands and crew (some of whom I still talk to!), got shout-outs from the sound board, and watched different sound checks before the shows started. We got our favorite spot along the security barricade, and of course it was right in front of Peter, who at the time was really looking and sounding good again. I enjoyed all the bands' performances, but Type O's was the best I've seen out of all the times I've seen them. And Peter seemed to really enjoy dousing the front of my shirt with water bottles throughout the night. A friend insisted that he just wanted to see me in a wet t-shirt, so I'm gonna run with that idea Photobucket

So....tell me all about your favorite concert experience in the comments! I love discussing music and concerts.

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